European Knife Association

Welcome to the EKA website, the starting point for defending our rights regarding making/producing, selling, buying, owning and carrying knives.

The European Knife Association, to be established, has now become a necessity for the world of blade enthusiasts, due to the increase throughout Europe of the unnecessarily restrictive laws that regulate the purchase, possession, transport and carry of knives by honest citizens.
Indeed, it is the latter who do not consider knives as a weapon, but only as a tool. The increase in legislative restrictions, do not discourage the criminal use of a knife, they limit only the freedom of honest people to be able to use knives for what they are: tools!

EKA is therefore proposed as a means of divulgation for the passion related to the world of blades, with the aim of creating a European lobby to protect this passion, also opening discussions with local and European politicians to stop the increase in legislation and restrictions in this area, before it’s too late! But we also have to start an educational program for civilians.

The knife was man’s first tool. Without this tool we were still running around on bare feet & naked, eating raw vegetables and dying before reaching the age of 30.

To get this done, we need your support! If you are a fan of knives, a collector, a European producer, a knife maker or a retailer, join us by subscribing to our newsletter. We aim to establish the association at the latest in 2020.

We need your support in many ways. Are you involved in the knifeindustry and do you believe in starting a lobby and educational program? Do you want to volunteer for a position in our Association? Do you want to contribute by writing articles? Do you want to contribute financially? Or in any other way? Use the contactform to get in touch.


We have a lot of open vacancies and need all support. Please take a look here.