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The weekend of november 9 & 10 2019, we will promote the the Association during the knife exhibition of the Belgium Knife Society in Gembloux. For this promotion we urgently need a French translation of our brochure. Are you able to help us with this in a very short term? Please contact us.
Note: Succeeded thanks to one of our subscribers!

Today we sent out our first newsletter because of updating the website, adding open positions for the board and the association. We hope to receive a lot of response.

Please share with all knife people in Europe.

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  1. Hello

    Whilst I do really like the idea of a European Knife Association . I have not been able to officially find a way to join your new association . Where do I find the official area to join ,pay the subscription .
    I do understand you have JOBs but I do work full time as a bladesmith so am an exception . I have some experince in this field and could fit one of the posts on your committee that are advertised .
    Some way of opening and conversation would be good , if you can open a way for me to comunicate with you ?



    1. Hi Andrew.

      You mention a couple of valid points regarding membership. However in the current stage it is not possible already to become an official member for obvious reasons. I will post an article on this subject with reasons.

      Kind Regards,

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