How to support the EKA?

Here’s a simple way to support the European Knife Association which cost you nothing, except 5 minutes of your valuable time.

Add a link to the EKA on your website

Maybe you are a retailer, manufacturer or knife maker with a website? Put a link to the EKA website with our logo on your own website. Don’t forget to add a short description. Ask your customers to share with their friends and followers.

Maybe you are a collector with a website? Or a photo blogger with a website? Add our logo with a link to the EKA website with a short description. Ask your followers to do the same thing.

Maybe you don’t have a website, but you are active on Social Media? For example Twitter, Facebook or Instagram? Make a posting with our logo, a link to our website and a summary what we are doing and direct your followers/friends to our website to subscribe. Ask your friends to do the same.

If everyone shares this message, we can make a difference!

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