Urgency: Not generally shared!

Just viewing the results of the first newsletter (exactly one week after sending it), I noticed a couple of facts.

  • The newsletter was not opened by 40% of the subscribers.
  • So 60% of the subscribers actually opened the email.
  • 7% of these actually entered the website from within the newsletter.
  • 10% of these are located in the United States!
  • 25% of these are located in Germany.
  • 0% from the French speaking & Scandinavian countries!

So what conclusions can we draw from this number?
Of course we are just starting. And the newsletter is in English. This makes it difficult to draw conclusions. But some facts are obvious.

  • In Germany the people are the most worried about the increasing restrictions on carrying, buying and owning knives.
  • The majority of subscribers actually opened the newsletter.
  • Promoting the EKA during the BKS show in Belgium is necessary to reacht at least some of the French speaking audience. Maybe we can even reach some knifemakers from other (like Scandinavian) countries.
  • We have a lot of work to do!

Please share and spread the word!

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