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I noticed several visitors of the EKA registering on this website. That’s a good thing. After registration you are a “known subscriber” of the system. This is especially useful when you are intending to contribute to the website. For example writing blogs, doing translations and so on.

Registering is NOT the same as subscribing to the Newsletter. And I am worried some people might have the idea that registering is subscribing to the Newsletter. So make sure you are subscribed to the Newsletter as well. Otherwise you miss out a lot of news and notifications!

To make the difference noticeable we added a Popup screen enabling subscribing to the Newsletter in a convenient way.

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  1. We should do everything we can to protect our rights to carry, own and use knives.
    We are noone’s enemy and wir a civilized unlike people who doesn’t accept and follow the law and use knives primarily to hurt people.

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